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namp Scan:

port 80 serves a web service, which says All content will be delivered over Moodle.

If you have missed 1.0 Here you go: Click Here

Continuing with PWN 1.0 Here we take another CTF challenge and solve it
Lets PWN :)

We are given with a binary (handshake) and we need to pwn that

In this blog you will walk with me around the memories and learn buffer overflow solving CTF Challenges!

So Lets get started :)

Before that some boring theory (Not Boring though)
A buffer overflow occurs when the volume of data exceeds the storage capacity of the memory buffer.
So Got it right ? Lets get it in the write way!

So here I am going to disclose how I hacked some website within 5 mins !

Disclaimer : If you plan to use this content for illegal purpose, then please leave this site immediately! We will not be responsible for your any illegal actions.

Before that, Lets learn some SQL!

Lets Say there is Database X which consists a table Y with Login credentials.


Dev Dominus | Cyber security Enthusiast | Programming For Fun

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